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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sailing class San Juan Islands, Washington September 2016

We finished up the summer of 2016 taking an ASA 104 sailing class out of Anacortes, WA with Captain Rodrigo M.  He is a Chilean native that got into sailing by racing in San Francisco during his university years.  He and his wife had been instructing for several years on their own boat for the Puget Sound Sailing Institute.  

The first night Rod put out a crab trap with Costco frozen rotisserie chicken.  He said the crabs like it better than raw chicken. In this video he is measuring them and throwing back all of the females.

Some of our crew. They had each been thru all of the classes we had and some more.

Little church in Roach Harbor on the northwest side of San Jaun Island.

Roach Harbor

Rod cracking the crabs open.

The 3rd weekend of September was the last class of the season.  We wanted to experience northwest fall weather.  Friday Harbor on San Juan Island is the major commercial center of the San Juan Islands archipelago.  Population in 2010 was 2162.

Ferries run all day around this island paradise.  Most are free for walk-ons.  The islands are part of the Washington State Park system.  You can stay for 3 nights free on boats or camping.  Then you move on to the next island for a 3 night stay.  Affordable family vacations for Washingtonians.
Captain Rod has a 46 foot Jeanneau named Puelche .

Rosario Resort on Orcas Island.

Rosario Resort

Mark practices catching a mooring ball.

Our delightful crab dinner made by Christina, Rod's wife.

Captain Rod going over our tests. 

Captain Rod let us two older women finish out test the last morning.  The 2 young ones and Mark finished the night before.  We just were worn out by the time we came to the charting and mathematical part which was at the end. It did not help that everyone finished was outside drinking wine and celebrating.  We were excited to finish the next morning.  

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