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Friday, March 30, 2018

Mag Bay to Cabo San Lucas

Left Mag Bay at 0700 to go out with the tide. Coming into Mag Bay the tide was going out also and it was strong. So we knew better than to go against the tide a second time. No wind so motored in the morning. Just outside the bay we saw a spectacular display of 2 whales breaching together, just like synchronized swimming. Did not have a camera ready. It was exciting.

Mark put his fishing pole out after lunch.  It was only out about 30 mins. and snagged something.  Mark ran out and to get it and one of his docksider shoes flew off the boat.  We had both sails up so we couldn't just turn back for it. He got to the pole and saw it was a larger fish this time. He told me the pull in the headsail, which is easy to do with one person. The mail sail is a different story so we left it up. He fought with this fish for about 30 min. He had me turning in circles following the fish trying to tire him out. We must have looked like we were having trouble because 2 sail boats saw us and hailed us to see if we needed help.

  Mark   did get the fish which was a dorado close enough to the boat and I got the gaft and managed to hook it. It was very heavy to get on the boat; we both had to lift it.  Mark did clean it right away but we were both too tired to cook it that night. We ate on this fish for several weeks.  It is very fluorescent yellow and seeing it in the blue water, it looked green like an alien until we got it out of the water.

Mark with his largest catch yet, a 30 pound dorado.

Cabo arch

Cabo city from the Pacific side
Mark's dorado
Cabo beach at night time.
The Ritz at Cabo
Cabo rocks with end of cruise ship.
Loads of condos all around Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas Harbor

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