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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Abreojos to Magdalena Bay

 Got ready to leave Abreojos by pulling the line from the lobster pot that we had snagged as we archored the previous night. It was caught on the rudder and Mark was able to get it off without cutting it.  We set out about 0830, light wind so we were motor sailing as we have been the whole way down the coast from Washington.

Mark set up his fishing line.  He was very surprised to get a fish so quickly.  He had only had it out for about 10 seconds.  As his lure hit the water he was a fish skip across the top of the water to catch his lure.  We did not have a bucket or knife ready.  It was a wahoo and not that big so it was not much of a mess. Cooked it that night. What a wonderful taste. Fish as fresh as it comes.

 Mark spent some time checking the fuel gauge sensor.  It was not reading correctly so we moved the sensor up and down the gauge and recorded the ohms readings.  We took readings for empty, quarter full, half full, and full. Each time he checks for full in that tank he contects his ohm reader and compares to the readings we took.  Peg will have a new fuel gauge next season we come to Mexico.

We traveled 284 nautical miles. Took about 2 days and 2 nights. We pulled in the morning of the third day. We decided we would always pull in during the daylight so we adjust our travel, usually slower to accomadate for this. Winds were 12-18 mph. We had 1/4 tank of fuel left to make it to Cabo San Lucas. As we approched Mag Bay in the morning hours we saw 2 whales and several sea turtles.

We enjoyed Man of War Cove within Magdalena Bay for a few days.  Met some interesting people. Had a fresh caught lobster dinner with friends.  Took the dingy around the bay for hours. The bay is so large with only 2 towns.

Mark caught a wahoo in the afternoon, his first of the trip.

Mark cooking his first catch of the trip.

Reading with a red light at night in the cockpit on my watch.

In the morning the Pacific Ocean looked like glass.
Took dingy out to see pilot whales. They are small and hard to photograph.
Pegasus at Man of War Cove

Clam fisherman with his haul.


Whale bones

The local fisherman's fresh catch; a sheepshead.

Fishing gear

Village church

Bird nest.

Mag Bay is rather large. We were too early to see many whales.
Mark with other yachtistas.

Picture with the chef.

Church from Pegasus

Fishing village at Man or War Cove

Setting the anchor.


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