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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mark and Serena finally alone on Pegasus

We were finally alone on Pegasus.  First trip was a short hop to Oceanside Harbor about 25 nautical miles south.  We had plenty of time to sail some.  Docking  easy with help. Welcome party is a group of sea lions.  Nice little harbor with one private and one public marina. Walk to In n Out for Mark's double double hamburger. Fill our water tanks and sleep good.

   Next morning set course for San Diego.  Short and easy also.  Saw schools of fish jumping.  The waters have been so smooth in the morning almost like glass.  Passing by La Jolla and Mission Bay the local traffic picks up.  As we approach Point Loma we start to see the navy.  They will with us the whole month we are in San Diego.  We see destroyers, air craft carriers, helicopters, planes, submarines, and so many other small craft. We were there for the Veteran's Day parade. San Diego did the military proud. It was the largest Veteran's Day parade I have ever seen.

   We have an in mast furling mainsail. If not handled just right it bunches up and will not furl in or out smoothly if at all.   We had Quantum Sails out to inspect out sails and offer their opinion.  Eric is their top sail designer and maker.  He came out gave us a great quote for shortening the mailsail and repairing the Genoa's outside edge.  He took them and off to the sail loft he did go. He personally did the repairs.  When I visited them I was amazed at their system.  The sewing machines set on the floor and there is an opening in the floor to set in.  The whole floor is the table for the sewing machine. Simple but brilliant. Less than a week later Eric came out and put the sails back up. He made sure they furled up and out several times before he left.

    Mark worked very hard the month we were in San Diego on getting the water maker and air conditioning installed.   We took long walks for parts and supplies.  We used the bus about 3 times, uber about 5 and Lift (like uber) twice.  We walked 3 mikes to get In n Out burgers 4 times.  We would walk to get stuff and call uber when we were over loaded.

  San Diego is beautiful.  Mark's brother and wife came down before Thanksgiving and we sailed out to Mission Bay.  We grilled a turkey breast for Thanksgiving and skyped with Wes, Leisa and the grand kids

San Diego is all about boats. You can find just about anything you want. We had mail, fedex and ups delivered to the marina. Last chance US purchases.

  I like marina living, Mark does not.  I like unlimited water, electric and wi-fi.  He wants to be self sufficient.

Right after Thanksgiving Harbor Island had their Christmas parade of boats.  I forgot all the harbors do this.  We missed the really big boats coming by our area but they were still all in the harbor afterward full of lights. Whole families were having picnic parties watching the boats and singing carols. Very nice warm weather. We had short sleeves and the locals were in winter coats (about 55 degrees).

  Mark wanted to be in Cobo by Christmas so we left after one month.  We left on December 12, 2017.  As we neared Point Loma we saw a 2 masts boat submerged.  Only the top part of the sails were above water.  The sail were out the whole way and there were divers from the shore around the boat. It had not been there a few days ago.  Only 60 miles to Ensenada so should be there before sunset.
San Onofre Nuclear  Power Plant now closed; Oceanside, California.

Oceanside welcome party.


Only pic that came out of the Veteran's Day parade.

Cemetery covered in palm trees.

Taking the sails down.

See the sail on the floor making  it easy to pass through the sewing machine.

Eric with the longarm back from repair. 

Now this is a xeriscape (no water used). This is all seashells.

Sailing Doodles was docked next to us in San Diego for a few days.  He had just lost his boat in Puerto Rico this year during the hurricane.  This boat he is sailing to Thailand for the owner.  You can watch them on You Tube. I had a better pic but can't find it. The dogs were going back to Texas on a plane when they left Cabo San Lucas because they to not do ocean crossing very well.

This is a really tall racing sailboat.  It is hard to take a picture close to it because it is so tall.

This is a cargo ship for cars.

We had to get a cart for shopping and riding the bus.

Every inch of this camper was covered with junk.

This is a harpoon boat.  See the long cage like thing on the front.  The name is Pilikia.  If you visit you can see a better picture.

This looks like the Hotel California Album cover, don't you think?


San Diego was beautiful at night from Harbor Island.

Mark turning of the water maker while we are cruising to Ensenada.

These are pictures of the sailboat that sunk at Point Loma in December 2017.

Headed to Mexico.

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